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At an early age I always felt there was a strong connection between nature and all it had to offer.  This allowed myself the chance to explore, communicate, being one with all living beings, including those that we call Spirits.  I really thought that talking to Spirits was just a normal part of my life, like having a friend. 


I grew away from that connection for awhile to really experience other avenues of my own personal life. It was not till after a few bumps along the way that I began to come full circle of my "Life's Journey"!  These Earthly lessons led myself  to experieince stress at its finest, imbalances in my physical, mental and emotional. I began to question where I really fit in spiritually.  Medications did not seem to be helping it just made me feel worse, I just was not happy! I then began to  embrace a more Wholistic natural life style, naturopathic, herbs, and spiritual personal growth classes.  The mentors along the way really nutured my soul that was groping to discover the real me.  These were my stepping stones for my own healing path.


I am now a Mother of 2, I homeschool my children, and truly find my calling with Spiritual Readings, Reiki Classes, and many other Wholistic workshops.  Healing happens on so many levels, there is "No One Right Way to Heal" whether it is a  Spiritual Reading, connecting your " loved ones" family- friends that have crossed over, to balancing the body physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.   We are all here to learn!

My Story

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